CubedPay Control Panel


CubedPay Control Panel brings advanced features and support to your cubedpay-powered Minecraft server.

While Java Library is designed for those that want to do it themselves, Control Panel is for everyone else, looking for an easy to use and drag-and-drop solution.

What's included with Control Panel?

  • Built-in support to execute console commands when users purchase your products (Replaces Package-Runner)
  • Allows players to view and browser your shop, as well as checkout from the game experience via our GUIs
  • Allows for managers to make adjustments and changes to the linked server store
  • Automatic notifications for sales and discounts
  • Automatic notifications for Helpdesk activity
  • So much more...



The New Supported Release

Our release of Control Panel officially drops support for Package Runner and Ticket Notifier. If you use either of these plugins, please port to Control Panel to enjoy future updates, additional features, and a better experience.

As always, let us know what you think on our forums.